An additional evaluation mechanism in the field of EU judicial cooperation in criminal matters to strengthen mutual trust


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On the 2nd and 3rd of June 2009, the conference on Monitoring and evaluation mechanisms in the field of EU judicial cooperation in criminal matters was held at the Faculty of Law, Maastricht University. This conference, which was organized jointly by the Maastricht University and the Ministry of Justice of the Netherlands, brought together experts of a diverse range of subjects, including (European) criminal law, political science and human rights law. Present were representatives from eighteen different EU Member States, academics from all over Europe and representatives from several EU institutions and other international organisations, such as the World Bank and the Council of Europe. This book must be partly seen as the conference papers of the June 2009 Maastricht conference. It contains the elaborated versions of the speakers’ interventions. For the other part it contains the two studies commissioned by the Ministry of Justice in preparation of the conference. The first results of the project were presented during the Conference. In this book the final reports are included, whereby the results of the conference are taken into account as well.

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