Preventing Terrorism through Criminal Law


Using Special Investigative Techniques for the Prevention of Terrorism: A Deliberate Deviation from Existing Thresholds?

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The attacks in New York, Washington DC, Madrid and London have confronted the world with the devastating crimes of international terrorism. In this book, Marianne Hirsch Ballin describes the changes established by special terrorism legislation in the Netherlands and the United States (by the PATRIOT Act) with regard to the use of special investigative techniques for the purpose of preventing future terrorist attacks.
This book focuses on the expanded use of investigative techniques in the proactive field and assesses the changes regarding the required standard of application as well as the changes regarding established safeguards against unreasonable use of investigative techniques. The author concludes that the Netherlands as well as the United States have created a system for the purpose of terrorism prevention that deviates from existing thresholds established to protect its citizens against unreasonable infringements on their privacy. They have, however, chosen to reach this goal through different means.

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